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We may wonder if the positive stuff we hear really matters, while the negative stuff may rock our world. Because we tend to remember situations that trigger our emotions, it’s possible that the pain we feel from criticism takes up much more space on our mental “feedback ledger” than the little lift we get from everyday praise. It can lead us to focus on the negative and forget the positive, as in, "The only time I hear anything around here is when something goes wrong." Perhaps that’s why a recent study found that the among members of high-performing teams, feedback had a positive to negative ratio of 5.6 to 1. People on those teams make sure the positive stuff is delivered early and often -- and it sticks. I also believe that if we consider it our responsibility as employees to seek out and be open to feedback, we'll be better for it. New research about happiness underscores the point. In an experiment, employees at a number of Fortune 500 companies were sent a daily email inquiring about their level of happiness. Some received the question worded this way: "How happy were you today?" Others got this version: "Did you do your best to be happy today?" Over time, the latter group reported a significantly higher level of happiness, because they came to see it as a goal for which they were personally responsible. What would happen if you ask yourself each day: "Did I make a point to give and receive some valuable feedback today?" You'd be upgrading all three facets of high impact feedback -- the source, the content and the recipient.

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