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Sunday, 31 May 2020: Received advertising, port scanning, faxes or printing allegedly by eVestigator?
First, this low and desperate conduct is NOT in any way related to eVestigator or this company. We fight and uncover cyber criminals which is the motivation for their poor untalented wasteful DDoS. The cybercriminals are using my/our name illegally and have been reported to the FBI. We absolutely nothing to do with print advertising, spam emails, DDoS or faxes. Shame on cyber criminals to attack our name and reputation scared of our success in exposing them. Several victims have kindly come forward with logs to help identify the criminals so I can report this to the IC3/FBI. We have further requested the unauthorised illegal site bearing our company name and trademark be taken down. We have gathered evidence for law enforcement to take action and hopefully jail these amateurs. The unskilled trolls have been taunting and stalking by SMS, email, and DDoS. We identified a Gmail account, various IP's and more, so they really are 'that stupid'. Pathetic trolls like this don't belong in any industry. How smart is it to DDoS innocent victims under another's name? It is disturbing to see harm caused to others & victimisation/stalking to those fighting cybercrime. I urge all to report identifying source IP's to IC3/FBI.

We have sophisticated proprietary systems that defend our network and protect the service for legitimate customers. Simon Smith t/as eVestigatorĀ® - is a master practicing Cyber Security Expert with over 21 years of expert Information Systems, a master software engineer, expert in all areas of the SDLC and related disciplines, and further branching into other proficiencies in business, computer forensics, automated intelligence and more. He has been called 'perhaps the world's best Investigator' and has an uncanny ability to investigate, mediate, conciliate and succeed early as an entrepreneur. He has had constant practicing experience as a forensic investigator, expert witness, business analyst, auditor, project manager, and specialises in Cybersecurity and Cybercrime investigations and technology expert opinions, advice, intelligence and testimony. This site is monitored for any attempts of interference by 'enthusiast' hackers to perform any illegal disruption or gain any illegal access to this server will be tracked and reported to the police, guaranteed.

The internet is meant to be safe for everyone. Innocent customers who accidently land on this page are encouraged to contact Mr. Smith direct, or turn off their VPN, or otherwise establish any other reason as to why they were blocked. There are many reasons why this page is shown. This site is intended for genuine Australian customers who require a high level of Cybersecurity mitigation or crisis support, training, R&D or consulting. The site will not accept VPN, Proxy, or TOR - nor will it allow attempts of XSS, CSRF or XSRF, which will also be detected and send to the police with all meta-data as both a state and Commonwealth offence.

Again, this page does not mean that you have done anything, it may be that the way your network is setup is such that is not safe. Iit could be a false positive, and you may even have a VPN or proxy running that you don't even know about, so we encourage you to contact Mr. Smith above. Your IP and all forensic records has been recorded and is now blocked automatically by our protection systems, so please call 0410 643 121. Please write down those details and make contact.

Mr. Smith is the the e-safety Australian Ambassador. He is a world renown expert - and has exposed over 400 cybercriminals to the world. He has outsmarted hackers, stalkers, scammers and any kind of cyberdisruptors. He holds over twelve Australian Graduate Certificates/Diploma's in IT/Management/Dispute Resolution/Strategic Leadership and more, and holds the best Australia has to offer in respect to Government and Civil Investigations, Fraud, Intelligence and Mediation. He has been briefed as an expert witness for and against the Plaintiff, for and against the Prosecution, been appointed an independent expert, and is a social media expert which assists greatly in cyberstalking and family law litigation support cases, especially with his training as a FDRP. He has also had great success in white collar fraud especially in corporate cyber attacks and true cybercrime, has been asked to train international police forces, and is one of the rare few even capable of detecting and defending Cybercrime in today's digital world.

He is well known to the public, has been interviewed live on Sky TV and plenty of times on Australian local TV -

(Write these details down NOW as this site is now blocked from this IP)
Simon Smith - +61 0410 643 121 - [email protected]