Simon Smith, Computer Crime Defence Expert Witness - Forensic Investigator
Simon Smith is Australia's most specialised Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Computer Forensic Investigator and Independent Expert Witness. He is well known for his special abilities as a "Covert Internet Investigator" or CII, dark web, child exploitation material (CEM) and cyberstalking expert witness. He has given evidence in complex social media, software, cyberstalking, online defamation as well as eCrime, CEM, fraud & software fit for purpose disputes. Simon specialises in cyber litigation support. If this screen remains active for more than ten seconds, simply refresh the website.
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  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on 'A Current Affair', 'Today Show', and 'Today Extras' speaking on all Cyber Crime issues as a resident Forensic Cyber Security and Cyber Fraud IoT Expert
  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on 'Sky News Live with David Speers' discussiing the NotPetya Ransomware as it happens as a Cyber Security Expert from the Melbourne studio
  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on 'The Project' discussing the ellaborate Government Fraud of the ATO Commissioner and the Government scandal to cover up outside the role of the public service, as a Cyber Fraud expert
  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on '7:30 Report' Exclusive on money laundering and the fact that ACORN are hopeless in stopping Cybercrime, eVestigator® customer appeared
  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on 'SBS World News' regarding the Government's miscalculation as to Cyber attack losses
  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on 'Today Tonight' regarding Cyber Bullying in early 2011
  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on 'Radio 2SE on the IoT security risk with Kids Toy

SIMON SMITH 0410643121
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Simon Smith, Australia's most talented Cyber Forensic Expert Witness & Investigator

Simon Smith is an independent cyber expert witness who has successfully appeared in most major courts both hired in defence of police prosecution as well as all civil matters involving software, social media, e-defamation, cyberstalking, cybercrime, catfishing, Deepfaking, the Dark Web, complex High-Tech computer hacking, software supplier and customer disputes, fraudulent documents, family disputes, mobile and computer forensics (including iOS, Android, Mac, PC) and much more. He has the industry experience to backup his expertise. He has been programming commercially and in the IT Security field for over 22 years. He informs Courts whether software is 'fit for purpose', and advises on his comprehensive expert social media background, exposing fake Facebook, Instagram, Social Media Cyberstalking accounts, giving evidence and valuation as to loss in e-defamation cases, Harassment, AVO's, Personal Safety Orders and identifying the owner of fake accounts, phishing, investment and cryptocurrency scam cases, AML/CTF money laundering and document fraud disputes and much more. eVestigator® attains results and has succeeded in stopping court cases before they have begun based on his expert reports.

Simon Smith is recognised internationally for his expert witness experience in High-tech cybercrime & computer child abuse cases, CEM, CAM, dark web

Simon Smith of eVestigator has now participated in both AU and NZ District Court proceedings to assist the court greatly in high-tech cybercrime cases based on his experience and expertise. He has successfully given evidence relating to serious charges of child abuse possession, access, production and solicitation, quite often leading to the case being thrown out, or in other cases, change of plea and sentence negotiations. He has assisted defendant's from being wrongfully accused, and has assisted the Court's in coming to a fair and reasonable technically informed outcome. This specialist area sees Mr. Smith communicating with, and working as a Covert Internet Investigator. Many of these cases require a great deal of sensitivity and are resultant of evidence and intelligence passed down through the FBI, AFP, DIA and local law enforcement. As a specialist in this area, Mr. Smith will ensure that the Court hears the correct evidence. Simon Smith has also worked on many cases alleging serious access to dark web resources, such as silk road, TorChat, mail2tor and more. As an expert software engineer, he has recently assisted a district court in New Zealand to come to the correct and preferable decision by utilising his reverse engineering and memory analysis skills to clarify an exhibit which led to facts that would otherwise have been missed. Simon Smith is simply the best cybercrime, online fraud, dark web, AML/CTF, CEM, CAM and child exploitation expert witness, period.
CEM defence lawyer / complex dark web covert investigation charges: "You did a professional job!  The evidence of Mr. Smith an expert with experience and knowledge greater than [DIA Covert Internet Investigator 1] or [DIA Covert Internet Investigator 2] should be accepted that there is no evidence that TorChat had been used on the computer seized from the defendant. [DIA Covert Internet Investigator 1] points to a page file he located. He provides no context in which the string of characters was found. Mr. Smith in his evidence cast sufficient doubt on the inference drawn that the test of beyond reasonable doubt could be satisfied. [DIA Covert Internet Investigator 1] conceded that he had no evidence of context . Mr. Smith as an expert software engineer further [on inspection of the source code] confirmed that the string required context."
CEM defence / complex mobile forensics expert witness matter, serious charges: "Firstly, thank you for your amazing dedication to my case, and the extraordinary quality of your Reporting and Findings! I cannot commend you enough. You really are the best - your ability to work out the forensic facts - and to prove incompetence - is just amazing! Thank you for the amazing effort and dedication, which you continue to display on my behalf. You never cease to amaze me! Please have no doubt that your work genuinely surprised my legal team. They were not expecting it. I will forever be indebted to you."
Serious offences that Simon Smith has been able to defend if you have been wrongfully accused:
s 272.8 and s 272.9 Criminal Code Sexual intercourse/ sexual activity with child outside Australia
s 474.25A Criminal Code Using carriage service for sexual activity with a person under 16 years of age
s.474.19(1) Criminal Code—use carriage service for child pornography material (material regarding child under 18 years of age)
s.474.26(1) Criminal Code—use carriage service to procure person under 16 years of age
s.474.27A(1) Criminal Code—use carriage service to transmit indecent communication to person under 16 years of age
s.478.1(1) Criminal Code—unauthorised access to, or modification of, restricted data
s.477.3(1) Criminal Code—unauthorised impairment of electronic communication;
s.474.17 Criminal Code—Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence
s 474.24E Criminal Code—Using a carriage service to transmit (make available, publish, distribute, advertise, promote) material and the material is an intimate image, without the consent of the subject and reckless as to subject’s lack of consent
s 474.24F Criminal Code—Using a carriage service to make a threat about an intimate image
s 474.15(1) Criminal Code—Using a carriage service to make a threat to kill
s 474.15(2) Criminal Code—Using a carriage service to make a threat to cause serious harm
s 471.12 Criminal Code—Using a postal service to menace, harass or cause offence
s 474.15(1) Criminal Code—Using a postal service to make a threat to kill
s 474.15(2) Criminal Code—Using a postal service to make a threat to cause serious harm.
s.233BAB(5) Customs Act 1901—importation of tier 2 goods
Offences pursuant to the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Sexual Offences Against Children) Act 2010
Computer intrusions, Unauthorised modification of data, including destruction of data
Unauthorised impairment of electronic communications, including denial of service attacks
The creation and distribution of malicious software (for example, malware, viruses, ransomware)
Dishonestly obtaining or dealing in personal financial information.

Covert Internet Investigations that Simon Smith is able to undertake (sample):
Identify suspect behind cryptocurrency address
Identify suspect behind false email address
Identify suspect behind fake Facebook account
Identify suspect behind fake WhatsApp account

Identify suspect behind fake SnapChat account
Identify suspect behind fake Instagram account
Identify suspect behind fake Twitter account; and many more.