Simon Smith, Computer Crime Defence Expert Witness - Forensic Investigator
Simon Smith is Australia's most specialised Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Computer Forensic Investigator and Independent Expert Witness. He is well known for his special abilities as a "Covert Internet Investigator" or CII, dark web, child exploitation material (CEM) and cyberstalking expert witness. He has given evidence in complex social media, software, cyberstalking, online defamation as well as eCrime, CEM, fraud & software fit for purpose disputes. Simon specialises in cyber litigation support. If this screen remains active for more than ten seconds, simply refresh the website.
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  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on 'A Current Affair', 'Today Show', and 'Today Extras' speaking on all Cyber Crime issues as a resident Forensic Cyber Security and Cyber Fraud IoT Expert
  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on 'Sky News Live with David Speers' discussiing the NotPetya Ransomware as it happens as a Cyber Security Expert from the Melbourne studio
  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on 'The Project' discussing the ellaborate Government Fraud of the ATO Commissioner and the Government scandal to cover up outside the role of the public service, as a Cyber Fraud expert
  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on '7:30 Report' Exclusive on money laundering and the fact that ACORN are hopeless in stopping Cybercrime, eVestigator® customer appeared
  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on 'SBS World News' regarding the Government's miscalculation as to Cyber attack losses
  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on 'Today Tonight' regarding Cyber Bullying in early 2011
  • eVestigator® Simon Smith - featured on 'Radio 2SE on the IoT security risk with Kids Toy

SIMON SMITH 0410643121
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Simon Smith, Australia's most talented Cyber Forensic Expert Witness & Investigator

Simon Smith is an independent cyber expert witness who has successfully appeared in most major courts both hired in defence of police prosecution as well as all civil matters involving software, social media, e-defamation, cyberstalking, cybercrime, catfishing, Deepfaking, the Dark Web, complex High-Tech computer hacking, software supplier and customer disputes, fraudulent documents, family disputes, mobile and computer forensics (including iOS, Android, Mac, PC) and much more. He has the industry experience to backup his expertise. He has been programming commercially and in the IT Security field for over 22 years. He informs Courts whether software is 'fit for purpose', and advises on his comprehensive expert social media background, exposing fake Facebook, Instagram, Social Media Cyberstalking accounts, giving evidence and valuation as to loss in e-defamation cases, Harassment, AVO's, Personal Safety Orders and identifying the owner of fake accounts, phishing, investment and cryptocurrency scam cases, AML/CTF money laundering and document fraud disputes and much more. eVestigator® attains results and has succeeded in stopping court cases before they have begun based on his expert reports.

Simon Smith is recognised internationally for his expert witness experience in High-tech cybercrime & computer child abuse cases, CEM, CAM, dark web

Simon Smith of eVestigator has now participated in both AU and NZ District Court proceedings to assist the court greatly in high-tech cybercrime cases based on his experience and expertise. He has successfully given evidence relating to serious charges of child abuse possession, access, production and solicitation, quite often leading to the case being thrown out, or in other cases, change of plea and sentence negotiations. He has assisted defendant's from being wrongfully accused, and has assisted the Court's in coming to a fair and reasonable technically informed outcome. This specialist area sees Mr. Smith communicating with, and working as a Covert Internet Investigator. Many of these cases require a great deal of sensitivity and are resultant of evidence and intelligence passed down through the FBI, AFP, DIA and local law enforcement. As a specialist in this area, Mr. Smith will ensure that the Court hears the correct evidence. Simon Smith has also worked on many cases alleging serious access to dark web resources, such as silk road, TorChat, mail2tor and more. As an expert software engineer, he has recently assisted a district court in New Zealand to come to the correct and preferable decision by utilising his reverse engineering and memory analysis skills to clarify an exhibit which led to facts that would otherwise have been missed. Simon Smith is simply the best cybercrime, online fraud, dark web, AML/CTF, CEM, CAM and child exploitation expert witness, period.
CEM defence lawyer / complex dark web covert investigation charges: "You did a professional job!  The evidence of Mr. Smith an expert with experience and knowledge greater than [DIA Covert Internet Investigator 1] or [DIA Covert Internet Investigator 2] should be accepted that there is no evidence that TorChat had been used on the computer seized from the defendant. [DIA Covert Internet Investigator 1] points to a page file he located. He provides no context in which the string of characters was found. Mr. Smith in his evidence cast sufficient doubt on the inference drawn that the test of beyond reasonable doubt could be satisfied. [DIA Covert Internet Investigator 1] conceded that he had no evidence of context . Mr. Smith as an expert software engineer further [on inspection of the source code] confirmed that the string required context."
CEM defence / complex mobile forensics expert witness matter, serious charges: "Firstly, thank you for your amazing dedication to my case, and the extraordinary quality of your Reporting and Findings! I cannot commend you enough. You really are the best - your ability to work out the forensic facts - and to prove incompetence - is just amazing! Thank you for the amazing effort and dedication, which you continue to display on my behalf. You never cease to amaze me! Please have no doubt that your work genuinely surprised my legal team. They were not expecting it. I will forever be indebted to you."
Serious offences that Simon Smith has been able to defend if you have been wrongfully accused:
s 272.8 and s 272.9 Criminal Code Sexual intercourse/ sexual activity with child outside Australia
s 474.25A Criminal Code Using carriage service for sexual activity with a person under 16 years of age
s.474.19(1) Criminal Code—use carriage service for child pornography material (material regarding child under 18 years of age)
s.474.26(1) Criminal Code—use carriage service to procure person under 16 years of age
s.474.27A(1) Criminal Code—use carriage service to transmit indecent communication to person under 16 years of age
s.478.1(1) Criminal Code—unauthorised access to, or modification of, restricted data
s.477.3(1) Criminal Code—unauthorised impairment of electronic communication;
s.474.17 Criminal Code—Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence
s 474.24E Criminal Code—Using a carriage service to transmit (make available, publish, distribute, advertise, promote) material and the material is an intimate image, without the consent of the subject and reckless as to subject’s lack of consent
s 474.24F Criminal Code—Using a carriage service to make a threat about an intimate image
s 474.15(1) Criminal Code—Using a carriage service to make a threat to kill
s 474.15(2) Criminal Code—Using a carriage service to make a threat to cause serious harm
s 471.12 Criminal Code—Using a postal service to menace, harass or cause offence
s 474.15(1) Criminal Code—Using a postal service to make a threat to kill
s 474.15(2) Criminal Code—Using a postal service to make a threat to cause serious harm.
s.233BAB(5) Customs Act 1901—importation of tier 2 goods
Offences pursuant to the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Sexual Offences Against Children) Act 2010
Computer intrusions, Unauthorised modification of data, including destruction of data
Unauthorised impairment of electronic communications, including denial of service attacks
The creation and distribution of malicious software (for example, malware, viruses, ransomware)
Dishonestly obtaining or dealing in personal financial information.

Covert Internet Investigations that Simon Smith is able to undertake (sample) wrongfully:
Identify suspect behind cryptocurrency address
Identify suspect behind false email address
Identify suspect behind fake Facebook account
Identify suspect behind fake WhatsApp account

Identify suspect behind fake SnapChat account
Identify suspect behind fake Instagram account
Identify suspect behind fake Twitter account; and many more.

Simon Smith - best Criminal & Civil Cyber Forensics Expert Witness in Australia

Simon Smith has made a real difference to today's justice system. He has been the expert witness in major high profile criminal and civil trials, some under suppression orders which because of his good work cannot be named (other than via referral). He has been complimented by Magistrates and Judges for the good work he has done to assist the Courts and he is the best cyber defence criminal expert witness in Australia, and is well sought. He has an international and a national presence and almost 100% of his work comes from word of mouth due to the life changing successes he has made to other cases. He is one of the rare few skilled individual experts with the know-how and strength to stand against the state or the Commonwealth when they charge before investigating in a prosecution. He is a great believer in human rights and has succeeded in Supreme Court AFP cases that have resulted in the AFP embarrassingly viewing his expert report, sending the jury home, and severely downgrading a life sentence, all because of findings of fact Simon has made, which has demonstrated the lack of capacity of cyber skills in the police force.

One of the most recent high profile expert witness case that Simon assisted the Court solely on the grounds of backing up digital evidence, where only circumstantial evidence existed is located below. He currently has succeeded in giving valuable evidence in Magistrates, Supreme, Federal, County, District and Tribunal cases. Those are only the cases he has needed to give evidence in person for. He has given expert opinions in almost 100 cases across Australia in many areas and is always on the radio, news, or online publications with free advice from cases he has completed.

Sample recent high profile cases and resolutions - for direct barrister/client testimonials please contact me. Mr. Smith specialises in Criminal Defence Cybercrime cases for the accused in Criminal Trials and has achieved major success in this area.

Sample cases...

  • Serious child sex trafficking allegation - Expert Witness Testimony and Opinion. Deep source code investigation into the memory forensics of TorChat and remnant artifacts.
  • Civil Construction Company vs. Former Employee - Serious online social media injurious falsehood injunction - Expert Witness Testimony. Fake account intelligence - District Court of Queensland.
  • Victoria Police vs. Individual - Melbourne Magistrates Court - SOKET - Mobile phone forensics CEM expert opinion matter. Case settled due to Expert Evidence.
  • NSW Police vs. Singh -  Serious Child Grooming via Social Media Case - Up to 25 years jail at stake - Expert Opinion - Confidential. 

  • Victoria Police vs. Abdelmalek - Heidelberg Magistrates Court - Expert Witness, Link 1, Link 2
    Overall story related to the stalking case of Lincoln Lewis (former Home & Away star) and Abdelmalek - Expert witness Simon Smith. Ask for testimonial.
    A Melbourne woman who made strangers believe she was Aussie soap star Lincoln Lewis has been jailed for two years and eight months after one of her victims took her own life. She was bailed almost immediately after her defence indicated Abdelmalek would appeal the guilty verdict. Lewis was first alerted to the catfishing scam when one of the two victims, a woman he had gone to primary school with, got in touch. This matter is being appealed in the County Court of Victoria.
  • R vs. Nozhat - Canberra Supreme Court - CDPP/AFP - Expert Witness - Landmark Case - Did not proceed to trial due to my Expert Witness Report success. Jury sent home. Suppression order on case negotiations. Life sentence withdrawn. Plea bargain entered with completely different level of allegation on accused. Due to my expert evidence in regards to data encryption it was said at 141. Secretive communications: (Ruled Out) - Counsel for the Crown pointed to the conversation on 20 May 2017 indicative of an intention to communicate over an encrypted messaging app rather than on the telephone. He also pointed to the answers to questions 161, 162, 172 and 173 in the interview with police (see [77] and [118] above). He submitted that the evidence given to police was false. Counsel for the accused contended that the answers were not in fact false at the time, they were given because Mr Nozhat did not in fact have those apps on his phone at the time of the interview as they had been deleted. In any event, he submits that this evidence and any evidence of the use of these apps postdates the 18 May 2017 conversation which Mr Nozhat admits led to him being aware of a substantial risk that what was being imported was a border controlled drug and hence the evidence is of little significance to the present issue. Ask for testimonial.
  • Plumbing Business vs Consumer whose story ran on 'A Current Affair' - County Court of Victoria - Online Defamation brought on by broadcast of 'A Current Affair' story. Successful outcome due to Expert Report. Ask for testimonial.
  • Consumer vs. Plumbing Business - Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal - Civil Claim involving alleged digital fraud. Successful outcome due to Expert Report. Ask for testimonial.
  • Manufacturing Company vs. Magento/SEO/PRINCE2® Web Development Company: Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal - Civil Claim involving e-commerce website software dispute. Software Development SDLC/Negligence case. Successful outcome due to Expert Report. Ask for testimonial.
  • Counterclaim in the above matter: Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal - Civil Claim involving e-commerce website software dispute, Software Development SDLC/Negligence case. Successful outcome due to Expert Report. Ask for testimonial.
  • R vs. Bethel: Queensland District Court - Child Abduction/Deportation case - Sworn evidence for the Prosecution - Confidential.
  • Energy Safe Victoria vs Nicholson - Unlicensed Practitioner Case - Sworn evidence for the Prosecution - Confidential
  • R vs Hutton (District Court of Aukland) via VMR
    Expert witness for the defence. Serious CEM/CAM dark web, TOR, TORChat, mail2Tor matter. Pursuant to Schedule 4 - Code of conduct for expert witnesses – High Court Rules 2016 gave expert evidence to counsel and prepared to give expert evidence and be cross examined at trial. During trial found evidence in source code relevant to the defence, and in accordance with the rules, notified Counsel, causing a plea bargain to be entered.
  • Corporation vs. Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Scammer Expert Opinion: Direct Engagement - Confidential.
  • Childhood Education Provider vs. Mobile Platform Development Company Expert Opinion: Direct Engagement - Confidential.
  • Education Provider vs. Mobile Platform Development Company Expert Witness: Lack of SDLC, SRS or PM Methodology. Software Developer Negligence & Damages Matter, Expert Report - Supreme Court - Confidential.
  • Energy Safe Victoria vs Nicholson - Unlicensed Practitioner Case - Sworn evidence for the Prosecution - Confidential
  • Consumers vs Travelalot Pty. Ltd - Media Requested Investigation
    Investigated for "A Current Affair" - Nine Network - Referred to ACCC for Prosecution.
    Travelalot is an online booking site to book holidays at a very cheap rate, including in most cases, accommodation and airfares. After being advised by ACA that there is a very large amount of customers complaining about this business (and its other similar business) I opened up communication with the owner to validate the facts. As a result of my investigation and report to the ACCC, I am happy to see that action was taken. See here.
  • Facebook evidence requiring injunction in the QLD District Court: Case - Sworn evidence for the Plaintiff to assist in attaining substituted service by electronic means - Confidential
  • Legal Services Board & Commissioner vs. Mortgage Broker Case - Sworn evidence for the Prosecution - Confidential
  • Victoria Police vs. Individual (Organisation Employee, alleged computer crime): Expert Opinion - Magistrates Court of Victoria - Confidential.
  • NSW Police vs. Multiple Accused - Attempted murder trial regarding Facebook messaging forensic evidence - Expert Opinion - Supreme Court of NSW - Confidential.
  • IDG Australia - Deepfakes in Marketing - Expert Opinion
  • FDR Dispute involving kidnapping in breach of Family Court Order - Successful Expert Opinion resulting in a Recovery Order within 24 hours
  • FDR Dispute involving child access - Within 15 minutes avoided entire Family Law claim for client - Expert Opinion
  • Sensitive CEM Police Accusation (Technical Factual Defence) - Ongoing expert opinion, expert evidence, and expert witness services correcting misleading and unfounded allegations in a defunct police brief. Involving the use of XRY, Magnum Forensics and Cellebrite.
  • Sensitive Major CEM NZ Federal Police Accusation (Technical Factual Defence) - Ongoing expert opinion, expert evidence, and expert witness services in relation to the Dark Web, Child Exploitation Material allegations, and digital forensics services.
  • International AML/CTF Money Laundering case ($2M +) - Computer forensic investigation and expert witness ediscovery services in relation to a Vietnamese money laundering matter.
  • Corporation vs. Search Engine Optimisation Company - Allegation of misappropriation of spending and negligence of services - Expert Opinion -
  • Famous Athlete vs. Sporting Tribunal - Confidential Allegation involving technology - Expert Report - Supreme Court of ACT - Confidential
  • Consumers vs Walid El Haouli and Samira El Haouli - Consumer Requested Fraud Assistance
    victims for "A Current Affair" - Nine Network - Referred material fact to various departments.
    Walid El Haouli has ripped off several hardworking Australian families, including one woman suffering cancer. He claimed to be a renovator, but instead of doing the work, he did a runner. Cyber-crime expert Simon Smith has been assisting some of El Haouli's alleged victims to untangle the fraud.See here.
  • Police Cybercrime negligence - Simon Smith brings deficiencies of Australia's Cybercrime Policing to "A Current Affair"
    For the full article and video, please see here.

  • Large Solar Corporation vs. Overseas VOIP Call Centre Provider
    Expert Report, Expert Evidence - County Court of Victoria - Breach of Contract
    Expert evidence by way of packet-based voice-over-internet (VOiP) Telecommunications service.  

  • AFCA Advocate for victims of bank/insurance/superannuation cybercrime and fraud
    Expert advocacy, strategic expert advice, mediation and forensic investigation services for those affected by bank negligence, fraud, and inability to fulfill consumer guarantee promises. In one instance, Simon was able to assist as an advocate to his client in recovering 100% of losses due to internet fraud (>$50,000) where the bank refused to refund any money or take any liability.

  • International Los Angeles Screenwriter social media e-defamation case
    Expert social engineering to determine the IP addresses of fake accounts for the purposes of ediscovery in an online social media defamation case for the international film screenwriting industry.


  • Pharming - Fake forex & bitcoin trading platform SCAM - Consumer scammed into giving away over $140,000 to internet scammer
    Expert social engineering to determine the IP addresses and identifying details of the origin of the scammers, recovery of funds, assist in reporting the matter to the relevant authorities.


  • Employee abusing the self-isolation guidelines
    Full workplace computer forensic investigation resulting in termination of an employee for misusing the pandemic situation for self gain - financial fraud.


  • Runaway scammer of over $650,000 - Melbourne Australia / Philippines AML/CTF matter
    Expert social engineering to determine the IP addresses and identifying details of the origin of the scammer, recovery of funds mediation and advocacy, assist in reporting the matter to the relevant authorities.


  • Hon. Karen Andrews - Minister for Industry, Science and Technology
    "We do recognise the importance of the work you are doing to assist Australian industry and individuals affected by Cybercrime".
  • Customer Testimony: "Thank you again for what you continue to do for me. I will never be able to fully show my appreciation! Your reports are first-classed, I'm very proud of your efforts" - Serious Police Prosecution Defence (Accused)

    Simon Smith joins Global COVID-19 CTI League

    International Cybersecurity Experts Come Together to Fight COVID-19 Related Cyberthreats

    Simon Smith is glad to be one of the few recognised international cyber experts to be accepted in the COVID-19 CTI League. According to Reuters, the Cyber Threat Intelligence League was founded by security decision-makers Ohad Zaidenberg, Nate Warfield, Chris Mills, and Marc Rogers. Primarily, the group is aimed at preventing cyberattacks against health care facilities and providers. The group is defending health care organizations from cyberattacks and is also using its contacts in internet infrastructure providers to avert phishing attacks and other financially motivated cybercrimes that are using the fear of this pandemic to lure internet users. According to Marc Rogers, VP of cybersecurity strategy at Okta and DEF CON’s head of security, the COVID-19 CTI League has already traced and dismantled a hacking campaign that used a software vulnerability to distribute malware. Commenting on how the Coronavirus outbreak led to a huge surge in phishing attacks, Rogers said, "I've never seen this volume of phishing. I'm literally seeing phishing messages in every language known to man."

    What makes up the skills of an eVestigator®

    SIMON SMITH has been engineering and innovating software and systems since the age of 11 years old. Throughout his young professional life, he had a expedited start and achieved what many people may call impossible. He has over 21 commercial years of IT Systems and commercial programming experience. He also is an ACFE Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE®), Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO®), Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI®), AWS-CAA, Prince2/P, ISO27001 LA, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH®), Certified Network Defence Architect (CNDA®), Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD® - App Builder), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA®), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE®), Microsoft Innovation Expert (MIE®), Master Project Manager (MPM®), Certified Access Management Specialist (CAMS®), Microsoft OSP®, Certified Blockchain Professional (by IC Council®) (C|BP®), Certified Blockchain Developer (CBD®), Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP®), Certified Cryptocurrency Expert (CCE®), (ITIL®) Practitioner, Cyber Forensic Renown Detective, Certified Expert Witness, Professional Scrum Master (PSM®) and a well-known experienced Software Engineer. His combination of skill sets arise from over 21 years of industry experience on top of a youthful array of teenage achievements including being placed at the top of the country in his IT certification results and straight into industry as an Analyst Programmer.

    Simon has is a true frontline Cyber Security Expert, Expert Witness, Government Investigator, Crisis Responder, Auditor, Fraud Examiner, ACE, and holds a C|BP from IIB (Certified Blockchain Professional - IIB is a division of IC Council®). He is a World Renown Detective, CECI, CIRS® - Certified Internet Research Specialist, and CSSBB. He is also IBM Blockchain and Splunk Certified and well versed in all scope surrounding R&D and IoT best practice. Simon has also recently attained his CCSM® and as a Checkpoint Certified Security Master. He specialises in Cyber Forensics, Cyber Security, High-Tech Cybercrimes, Digital Forensics, and Expert Witness Services for Public, Family, Corporate and Government. He does not conduct missing person searches or surveillance. Simon Smith is also an member of the Australian Information Security Association (MAISA) and the IEEE, as well as an Honorary Advisory Board Member of IIB Council for their "Certified Blockchain Professional. IIB Council is a subsidiary of IC Council, a leader in Cybersecurity certifications internationally.

    Customer Testimony: "Thankyou so much Simon, you are so good & have helped me so much. I appreciate all your time & effort so Far, you have been able to achieve what we haven’t been able to. Thankyou again, Regards, Well known Corporate Dealership in Melbourne" vCISO client...more

    Insurance Fraud Expert: Simon Smith is featured as an insurance fraud expert in his contribution to the Insurance Fraud Blueprint 2020 recognised by ANZIIF, authored by John Borland. "Simon is regarded as a prominent figure in all aspects of cyber fraud. With 20+ years experience, he has aided all stages of the insurance journey from policy wording to claims investigations. His credentials and reputation are rarely surpassed in the cyber world."...more
    Customer Testimony: "The report is excellent as far as it reports on the failures of the services we expected to receive." Expert Witness client (sensitive).
    Customer Testimony: "As I mentioned yesterday we are wrapped we brought you on board - you have saved so much stress and hassle for our family and we would be more than happy to sing your praises. We will forever be grateful for your involvement." Expert Witness client (sensitive).
    Customer Testimony: "Thank you for your progress report and I’m very grateful that you will meet the deadline. But then again, I’m not at all surprised, as you have answered every "call to duty", since the day we met last December! " Expert Witness client (sensitive).

    Simon Smith labeled "Australia's DIY Jack Ryan" Tom Clancy's Fictional CIA Analyst

    Mr. Simon Smith was selected as a ‘real life’ subject matter expert by the producers of the new Amazon Prime series based on Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan to discuss some of his work. Jack Ryan is a fictional CIA analyst who gets caught up in an investigation of a terrorist plot when he creates breaks in the case by “following the money”. Released on August 31st 2018, Amazon Prime will be unveiling their new series starring John Krasinski as the well known fictional CIA agent, Jack Ryan. The series is based on Tom Clancy’s series of books on the character from 1984 to date. The purpose of the interview/shoot was to assist in the marketing of the series due to his real-life experience in cyber intelligence and online fraud, especially in relation to locating cyber criminals who have stolen money and the unique techniques and psychology involved in ‘chasing that money’. See alongside video.
    Customer Testimony: "Hello again Simon. Firstly I'd like to give you my utmost gratitude for your professional assistance with this messy situation. We have come this far only because of your guidance. Exactly as you predicted the magistrate asked if she had an order against him and intimated that it would only be a matter of time before she attempted to do that. Thanks again for your fantastic work with this. I can't thank you enough! I believe she will have the order delivered tomorrow. I'll let you know as soon as we hear any updates. Thanks again. Dave" Stalking client of two years wanting a swift end...more
    Expert Witness Testimony: " Simon is a very impressive individual with a brilliant mind, and the exact type of person you want on your team. He is a problem solver that thinks outside the box, and is focused on solutions. A huge weight lifted off our shoulders from the time we engaged Simon's expert help, and our situation quickly and dramatically improved thanks to his guidance, tireless passion and commitment. We credit Simon for resolving a very emotional and stressful time for our family, and couldn’t recommend Simon more highly. Our only regret was not getting him on board earlier....more
    Simon Smith becomes Digium (VOIP) dCAA® Certified: "After 20 years of developing custom VOIP solutions using the popular open source Linux PBX solution, Simon Smith completed the Digium Certified Asterisk Administrator exam which tests knowledge of Asterisk, VoIP, and telephony. To pass the dCAA exam, it is required that a candidate has experience in administering an Asterisk system, and are comfortable installing, configuring, and maintaining an Asterisk server using Linux and Asterisk CLI commands. Naturally, Simon can programme the system further than this, but this was a good industry certification to have to compliment his Graduate Diploma's relating to Telecommunications."
    Simon Smith becomes CAMS® accredited by the Identity Management Institute: "Access management also known as rights management is the execution of policies and procedures for granting authorized individuals the right to access services, functions, data, and physical locations while preventing non-authorized individuals from accessing systems, assets, and other services. Access management is one of the information security disciplines which interacts with users and their management the most and is critical to the implementation of policies and procedures to support the security goals of the organization, mitigate access risks, maintain access controls, and comply with contractual and legal requirements. Identity Management Institute® (IMI) developed the Certified Access Management Specialist® (CAMS) training program for testing, analysis, and evaluation of the knowledge, skills and abilities of professionals for the purpose of certification and re-certification in the field of access management. CAMS® is a registered trademark of IMI."
    Simon Smith becomes EC-Council® (CNDA®) Certified: "The Certified Network Defence Architect (CNDA) certification, which has been designed specially government/military agencies, certifies individuals in the specific network security discipline of Ethical Hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective. The CNDA certification will fortify the application knowledge of security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure. A Certified Network Defence Architect is a skilled professional who understands and knows how to look for the weaknesses and vulnerabilities."
    eVestigator® becomes an AWS Certified Technology Partner
    "Technology Partners provide software solutions that are either hosted on, or integrated with, the AWS platform. Technology Partners include Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), SaaS, PaaS, developer tools, management and security vendors.".
    eVestigator® becomes a Microsoft Certified Partner as well as joining the Azure Partner Network
    Now eVestigator can assist its clients, whether in the position of "crisis consultant", "expert witness to the Court", or "expert consultant" to utilise and demonstrate new hybrid capabilities and innovations anywhere. Azure data services can benefit from cloud innovation and always up-to-date data capabilities on any hardware. Extended management capabilities can be demonstrated with Azure Arc to Linux and Windows servers as well as Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure across datacenter, multi-cloud, and edge.
    Since 11yo, Simon began programming leading to a score in VCE in the top 2% in Australia in IT Systems Management. Shortly after, he was offered an Analyst Programmer role, and grew very fast into a young entrepreneur, CEO, founder & educator. He was an expert Programming Analyst (which included the full SDLC) and learnt many disciplines non stop as he was running his businesses, leading now to a clear path in Computer Forensics, Criminology, IT Process & Program Management, Mediation and combined Business success.

    Simon attained success in businesses early and continues this path and also investigates online cases, cybercrime, cyberstalkers and fraud as an expert witness and/or consultant/adviser. The UK Police Force even sought out his skills in 2017. SecurityNow's Ken Hess has referred to Simon as "Perhaps the World's Best Investigator".

    At 21, Simon was engaged to lecture advanced programming at Swinburne Uni after work, which was very successful. He also founded US/AU niche medico-legal firms. He built training Academy's and later become a Renown Detective. He has now appeared on Sky News, SBS World News (30), The Project (10), Today (9), ABC (2) and A Current Affair (9), and radio as an IT, Cyber, Fraud and Investigative Expert, has reviewed Cyber terrorism books, authored training material and has been asked to guest speak at many events.

    Simon recently became a member of the Institute of iBusiness (IIB), a division of EC-Council®. He also completed the master certification in detecting deception, body language & conducting behavioral interviews by Steve Van Aperan, an expert criminal profiler known internationally for assisting police in over 68 homicides and two serial killer cases.

    Simon Smith is also a master at domain based investigations, following the trail of any cyber scam or unlawful activity and is very much in touch with auDA policy and intellectual property disputes. He has successfully mediated several B2B disputes and continues to have a strong interest in this area. Having been programming (commercially and non-commercially) for over 28 years now Simon Smith knows the internet backwards. He has a full understanding of domain based hijacking, domain masking, and a full understanding of domain based phishing and pharming attacks. He is also an associate member of auDA with voting rights.