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LATEST TESTIMONIAL: "I highly recommend Simon of eVestigator and encourage anyone to use his investigative and forensic services. Simon is the utmost professional that is transparent in all that he will be doing for your case. He genuinely cares about your well being and you achieving your goals. He is not only focused on getting you through your mess but he is there to also separate you from the emotions. He is not motivated by money yet his work is SO valuable. He is motivated by the injustices people face and doing what is right by them. The fact is Simon is not emotionally involved, shows in that he keeps with the facts. Unlike us victims who are stuck on "why did this happen to me". As Simon said, "you focus on you and your future and let me and the lawyers sort out your past": Civil Judgement case - intelligence and discovery in attaining an outcome.  View Testimonials


This is my industry - I was programming since the birth of the consumer Internet! I was teaching advanced programming at 20 and was in the top 3% of Australia in my high school exams.



As featured on TV, Electronic Pickpocketing - Channel 9 "The Today Show"

WiFi beacons and management frames are flying around everywhere with YOUR information

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