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Did you know, there were 27 fraud attacks for every 1,000 transactions in Q4 2015, an increase of 215% over 12 months. Fraud attacks have increased by 11% since 2015 according to the Global Fraud Attack Index. Ask for a complimentary external penetration test today.

Blog updates coming up - there is no better, faster alternative to end litigation than with eVestigator®. Major success stories. See blog section shortly for updates:  

eVestigator® launches a new Android App that is capable of penetration testing 65,535 ports - leaving no chance for risk - as freeware running on more than 40 devices - including most Android and Amazon capable hardware.
eVestigator® is invited to Channel 9's "Today Show" to help demonstrate a major security flaw in the Worldwide Credit Card systems called EMV, demonstrating how easy it is for hackers to electronically pickpocket your credit card details through the air via simple NFC technology available on Android 4.4 devices and above, which bypasses the RFID security and utilises the Contactless credit card technology to get the credit card number and expiry date. You can protect yourself by buying a simple credit card sleeve for 99c off eBay or most wallets these days come with a metallic coating that holds cards. As long as there is metal surrounding the chip - the signal cannot be detected.
eVestigator® Identifies an unprecedented Criminal Reverse Cyber-Stalker behind 7 fake IP entities impersonating others.
eVestigator® prepares to issue a major public cyber-security warning to the entire country by releasing intelligence to the media that will likely influence the country's criminal cyber-laws forever.

Simon Smith is Australia's most elite Computer Digital Forensics Private Investigator, expert witness for the courts, auditor of computer industry expert work, and master programmer and reverse engineering analyst (white hat hacker). An expert witness is a person who has specialised knowledge based on that person's training, study or experience. There are many factors' that distinguish opinions and facts, and in my life, I have been lucky enough to have over 20 years+ of industry experience from the very bottom upwards - not just some limited outdated paper from a jump in the middle of the supercharged industry (without a lifetime of background), although, eVestigator® has lots of formal paper to add to his collection too. His name is Simon Smith (FPI, GDipFDR, Investigator, CEW). He occasionally offers a Direct Briefing service with an NDA. eVestigator® has over 20 years+ experience as an master Computer Programmer, former sessional University lecturer for Swinburne 17 years ago in advanced programming, and an extreme business and IT portfolio in between. For the last six years he has been utilised as a Digital Forensic Expert and Court Witness and Private/Factual Investigator, as well as an Expert Cyber Security Investigator and Auditor and Data Recovery Expert. He is also a Digital Forensics Expert Court Witness for rt, Mobile Cyber Security Analyst, Patentee, Mobile Device Author and a Computer Systems Source Code Auditor. He is able to offer a vast range of Specialist Investigative services. He is renowned in Australia as "Today Tonight's" Cyber-bullying Expert, Digital Forensic Expert Court Witness, Cyber Security / Cyber Crime Investigator, Insurance Risk Analyst, Data Loss/Prevention, Online/Offline Fraud, Intellectual Property eDiscovery / Due Diligence Expert, Education Expert, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, Windows CE, Nokia Computer Forensics Data Recovery Expert, Windows Certified Programmer, Family/Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Nationally Accredited Mediator, Source Code Inspection, Ethical Hacking/Reverse Engineering Expert, Corruption Investigator, Surveillance/Bug Detection & Litigation Support. He is highly qualified, experienced and has proven to attain fast and cost effective factual outcomes, complimented by his Commonwealth Graduate Diploma in Family Law Disputes Resolution, Counselling & Grief and Trauma Author.

Simply call 0410643121 (Direct) to book in a time where he will provide you with an opportunity to sign a NDA and receive evidence from you and give you a definitive answer as to the direction he would give to add actual positive value to your situation. You may email or SMS. The email is He only works on successful cases and offers an initial FREE service to assist in ensuring the client has travelled down the right path. Complimenting this, he is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, and General Factual Investigator. It costs you nothing. Give him a call on 0410643121 (Direct) and you are welcome to fill in the Non Disclosure Agreement.

An expert that goes above and beyond and aims straight for the point
I am known Nationally as eVestigator® and in the media for my specialist cyber expertise. I am a licensed Private Investigator, holding several Qualifications, being a Practicing Forensic Private Investigator, Trained Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, Expert Witness taught by Hugh Selby of Unisearch, holder of several Graduate Diploma's, Graduate Certificates, Diploma’s in Security and Risk Management, Government Investigations, Information Technology and Strategic Management, Cyber Security, Government (Fraud Control), Government (Security) and so much more (see below for so much more).

Skill, Experience & Speed equals low cost service! The higher the Skill, Experience and Speed, the lower the cost. That is what our customers have found out, sadly often too late
My main experience comes from 25 years of the majority of my child, teen and adult life consisting of extensive Commercial Computer Programming and interest in innovation and creation. It all started when I was 11 years old initially programming from a tape deck green screen AMSTRAD CPC464, growing up programming continuously before the birth of the consumer Internet, then programming throughout high school during the birth of the consumer internet with every main language that existed, designing my own mail and internet servers, continuing to this day with knowledge of all frameworks including now as an App Store accredited mobile developer to patentee and Master Programmer (from ground up - not like the template ones they teach today). When I was 19, I was literally handpicked and employed as an Analyst Programmer and taken straight out of year 1 University and offered a full time job as an Analyst Programmer leading to a Senior Analyst Programmer position after being recognised as one of a small group of 3% of Australians who received Quadruple A++ in Information Systems and Processing and Management CATs. In that role the mix between my IT expertise and investigative expertise began to show. I was investigating the binary of a QuickBooks QIF file one day for a corporate client and came across a RAW credit card number. I immediately called QuickBooks who took no interest. Since then I have worked at multiple workplaces and created from ground up several multimillion dollar enterprises all in relation to IP, web, cyber security, reporting, educational, project management, corporate application, mobile, data and voice analysis applications and enterprises from scratch. When I say from scratch, I fundamentally mean from scratch. There is an article I wrote about 'template' programmers you might find interesting on this site.
Computer forensics begin with the necessity of being computer programming master. Gone of the days where people say, "I have this Company certificate from this famous networking firm who happen to develop a widely used product. Developers make products - from scratch, and makers of products are able to understand the engineering underneath. A true expert computer programmer holds the skills and abilities of every other IT discipline, because through the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) they have had to conduct the equivalent work and ensure that ultimately their software works with Database X on Server Y or Conditions Z. In the past, I have used my programming abilities within investigations and forensics 'on the job'. If I need the job done, I programmed it myself. A true computer forensics expert is no expert unless they understand the raw essentials of the inner operations of programming from machine code to today's language layers - that way you understand the vulnerabilities from the lowest end. That is what you call a real computer forensics expert. I have often resulted back to source code to help solve cases. I don't rely on other people's tools. The fundamental learning comes from knowing the very backbone of computer programming, its history, (over 25m years- the birth of the consumer internet) its protocols from start to end, its languages from "IMM R0, 0x80" to what they call programming today and beyond. At this point, I knew that I was more than a Senior Analyst Programmer from knowing the complete roots of programming (now at 21 teaching advanced computer programming seasonally), having an advantage over everyone as I don't rely on software, even in investigations, I invent it. I am considered an expert in my field by way of experience and recognition of that experience, complimented by many side fields, especially knowledge of cyber stalking, family intervention and relationship battles and nationally accredited mediator status and it shows in the cases I succeed in. I have solved multimillion dollar fraud SCAM’s (including the fake Microsoft tech-support SCAM and dating SCAMS), resolved reverse cyber-stalking cases, family law cases, plenty of IP tracing and identity theft cases, and corporate crime and insurance fraud cases. I also work and train as a Cth. FDRP (Professional Family Court Mediator), and have trained many Barristers at law to become Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners’ appointed now by the Commonwealth. I am a Nationally Accredited Mediator (NAM) and hold a Certificate of Bail Justice from Victoria University. I am considered a Master in Digital Computer Forensics and Online Education and have developed patents in the subject matter. I have appeared on Today Tonight (7), the Today Show (9) and other media and to the courts as a Cyber Forensic Expert/Witness. I am independent and will act for and/or against the police/government or body corporate without fear or favour as my duty is to the law and the courts.
I have succeeded in every case I have taken on. I have had parties including government department, police prosecutors, and civil litigators withdraw once knowing I have the evidence to stand up against them.

I am a Computer Forensics Expert specialising in Cyber eDiscovery and Expert Evidence and Expert Witness Services for the Court. I have extensive Investigation, Government, Risk and Fraud Management Skills and am a Private Investigator. I have performed hundreds of successful high-tech-crime cases and appeared in court to give expert evidence. I have uncovered many high profile scams and given federal police crucial cyber intelligence in many cases. I specialise in online cyber stalking and cyber bullying cases, and also workplace investigations and family and personal intervention order and court strategic evidence related cases. I am a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Commonwealth Appointed Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. I have taught Psychologists and Barristers to become FDRP mediator's also under the Family Law Act and have built Australia's largest Marriage Celebrant Academy and software, making over 5,000 celebrants, naturally being Commonwealth appointed myself. I have over 20 years as an expert computer programmer and have created my own commercial full desktop software packages and mobile software packages and was training advanced computer programming 16 years ago for Swinburne University at the tender age of 20. I have built computer based patents and ran large educational institutions. I have built Australia's largest training multi-million dollar non-funded private training organisations, software companies and mobile applications. I now dedicate my advanced programming knowledge to cyber security and ethical hacking and combined with my other credentials have found an extreme niche to help people in this area which one could describe as the step between litigation and crime/civil disputes and the police, that is a mixture of investigation, strategy and forensic evidence and intelligence gathering with advocacy, mediation and knowledge to attain an outcome.

eVestigator completes the Stanford University Cryptology Certification.

Simon Smith is proud to announce he has completed one of the industry's most challenging Cryptology Certifications. Created by Professor Dan Boneh of Stanford University, Stanford have produced an extremely thorough online certification well respected by the industry. Cryptography is an indispensable tool for protecting information in computer systems. In this course you will learn the inner workings of cryptographic systems and how to correctly use them in real-world applications. The course heads straight into detailed mathematics of how two parties who have a shared secret key can communicate securely when a powerful adversary eavesdrops and tampers with traffic. We will examine many deployed protocols and analyze mistakes in existing systems. The second half of the course discusses public-key techniques that let two parties generate a shared secret key.
The Certification covers some of the following:
Stream ciphers, cryptography, pseudo-randomness, encryption, secure encryption.
Block Ciphers, more powerful forms of encryption, AES/3DES, using block ciphers to provide data integrity, build an encryption/decryption system using AES. Message Integrity and classic constructions for MAC systems that are used to ensure data integrity, how to prevent modification of non-secret data, encryption confidentiality and integrity, authenticating large video files, hash chains.
Authenticated encryption, encryption methods for confidentiality and integrity, search encrypted data, studying symmetric encryption, key management and public-key cryptography networking a ciphertext attack on a sample website.
Basic key exchange, setting a secret key between two parties, consider protocols secure against eavesdropping, the main concepts of public key cryptography computational number theory and algorithms dating back to antiquity (Euclid) working up to Fermat, Euler, and Legendre. Also covering concepts from 20th century math and constructing several public key encryption systems.
Public key encryption, deep learning on how to encrypt using a public key and decrypt using a secret key. Public key encryption used for key management in encrypted file systems, messaging systems, and devices.
The two families of public key encryption systems, one based on trapdoor functions (RSA in particular) and the other based on the Diffie-Hellman protocol. Constructing systems that are secure against tampering, otherwise known as chosen ciphertext security (CCA security) and CCA secure public-key systems. Cryptographics mathematics for public-key advanced encryption techniques."